Saturday, December 13, 2008

This rounds off Dublin hardcore in 2008. What a way to do it. No one ever thought Have Heart would play here and we made it happen. This means more to me than anything that's come before it. This is the real deal. Have Heart in Dublin, Ireland. Don't miss out.


Glauce Lucas said...

When I first saw Have Heart live in Brazil I thought I would cry. Their show is one of the best things ever. And all the times I saw them after this I felt in the same way. And it will be perfect see them now, here, in Dublin!

ROBBIE said...

Yeah, I can't wait. <3

Glauce Lucas said...

Hi guys, just recived a message from Patrck Flynn, feel free to repost where you want:
"i for one, cant wait to be in ireland. tell them that it is the most anticipated place i personally have ever been to....because ive NEVER been before and ALL of my familyäs heritgae is from irish....100%! cant wait! see you soon!